A Stitch In Time

While it’s the Edies, the Yves and the Escadas who will probably go down in fashion history, it’s an Enid – Enid Gilchrist to be exact – who in fact made one of the greatest contributions to Australian post-war style. When times were thrifty and there was nothing to do but to DIY, home sewers everywhere took inspiration from Enid’s designs when crafting clothes for their children. From bonnets to bloomers and everything in between, the vast portfolio of this oft-unsung hero of the pattern-making world is precisely what Celebrating Home Sewing in Australia, an exhibition curated by QUT and on show at Brisbane Square Library, is, well, celebrating! Featuring displays of homemade children’s clothing and illustrated works on paper inspired by Enid’s magazines (like this gorgeous dress by Emily McGuire), this exhibition takes a closer look at the humble tradition of sitting down to an evening on the Singer and the importance of making do in tougher times. And you can join in too with free workshops on the basics of drafting your own children’s patterns based on Enid’s original designs and methods. Places are limited for workshops running on Sunday April 15th and 29th, so contact the Library to secure your place.