A Minty Christmas


While we strongly suggest you consume as much pudding as possible this Christmas, topping it off with several servings of chemical-laden lipstick probably isn’t a great addition to the menu. With most women ingesting 2-4 kg of lipstick in a lifetime, best make it the good stuff! Cherry Brown‘s natural lipstick and makeup range is free from chemicals, animal products, synthetic dyes and palm oil – instead relying on the goodness of apricot kernel, castor seed and macadamia oils and other seed-derived waxes and naturally occurring minerals. Thanks to Cherry Brown, we have three packs containing lipstick, lip gloss and both tinted and natural lip balm up for grabs! For your chance win, comment below letting us know which colour you’d prefer: red, pink, or – for the daring – orange! {Competition closes Sat 21 Dec at 5pm. Australian postal addresses only}. #mintyxmas