Being an eco warrior no longer means fossicking for your own organic fruits. Freshly launched Australian website EarthFirst is the online eco-directory that makes being green easy, peddling everything from earth-friendly nail polish remover to safe house paint, organic restaurants and wine and even environmentally-conscious investments. Website director Sol Pandiella-McLeod first started EarthFirst out of her own personal needs. After attending a David Suzuki lecture at the Sydney Opera House, Sol wanted to ‘green’ her lifestyle but struggled to find the products she was looking for.

As the owner of a digital design studio, she put her skills and spare time towards creating a website aimed at helping others find eco products and services. The website’s categories and search function make the site easy to navigate while insightful articles about health, eating and the earth provide information and alternatives for even the busiest lifestyle. So if you’re looking for a quick and easy answer to an eco dilemma at your house, let your fingers do the walking instead.