Who Gives A Crap

Normally, if you admitted to liking watching guys sitting on the toilet, we’d smile, nod, and run very quickly in the opposite direction. But today, we’re not just indulging what would usually be seen as a strange fetish – we’re cheering you on. Or more to the point, we’re cheering the guy sitting on the toilet – because that guy is Simon Griffiths, and he obviously has some of his best ideas while on the throne. Simon has plonked himself on the loo and rigged up a live web feed, and he won’t move until his project, Who Gives A Crap, has crowdfunded / pre-sold $50,000 of product on IndieGoGo. And what is that product? It’s toilet paper that uses 50% of its profits to build toilets in developing countries. Doesn’t sound like too crap an idea, does it? In fact, sounds like a pretty good idea, particularly if you’re living in one of those countries and don’t have access to a safe, hygienic toilet. If you think it sounds like a good idea too, spread the word around to everyone you can think of on the interwebs and chip in a few dollars to help get poor Simon off the toilet!