Well Hello There 21st Century!

Did you notice? Peppermint finally has a website! A proper one. There’s all sorts of inspiring things to be found here. Our regular blog will keep you up to date on all the latest eco fashion, lifestyle and cultural happenings with mini features and interviews, while our Community area gives you the perfect chance to get to know the people hard at work behind the whole shebang that is Peppermint. Very soon our Events page will also be up and running so you can check in and see what sort of markets, talks, fashion and community events are going on near you, or even submit your own. Plus download a free pattern from our new Sewing School section and Subscribe so you never miss an issue. We (will eventually) have it all!

So grab a cuppa and have a browse as we thank you for your patience and hope you enjoy the new site.

Good things come to those who wait!

Happy Holidays!

Much love,
The Peppermint Team