Waste Deep

What happens to the discarded plastic that gets into our oceans and waterways? And why, as a nation, are we wasting such huge volumes of food (worth over eight billion dollars a year)? Following their successful crowdfunding campaign late last year, the crew at Sustainable Table have launched their excellent short film Waste Deep, which looks into the ways food and plastic waste can be avoided, as well as the broader environmental and social impacts of waste. This free-to-watch film features some of Australia’s biggest eco advocates such as ABC Gardening Australia’s Costa Georgiadis, journalist Sarah Wilson and environmentalist Tim Silverwood, and poses the interesting question of whether it is truly possible to be waste free. Opening with an examination of how much plastic is found in the average shopping trolley, it highlights just how much everyday behaviours can impact the world around us. As Tim Silverwood says, ‘In nature, there’s no such thing as waste – everything gets returned back to the system. If we want to get serious about sustainability, then it starts with waste.’ Watch the documentary on the Sustainable Table website, and get inspired by those working towards a cleaner future!