Vision to Give

Protect your eyes while restoring the eyesight of others? That’s genius in our books. SOLO Eyewear have just unleashed a new line of unique bamboo sunglasses, where every purchase of their stylish specs will help those in need to see again through either prescription eyeglasses or eye surgery. With 80% of the world’s blindness being preventable, this is a smart and easy way to be part of the solution. If you want a pair for yourself, the brand is currently running a campaign through Kickstarter, a funding platform for creative projects, to give the public an opportunity to pre-order the latest styles and support SOLO’s Vision to Give initiative at the same time.

“Since launching SOLO last Spring,” says co-founder Jenny Amaraneni, “we’ve funded 750 pairs of prescription eyeglasses which were distributed throughout 12 countries and funded 105 cataract surgeries in India. In order to expand our Vision to Give, we need to grow and we’re asking for your support. Kickstarter is a great way to raise funds and pursue our grandest vision.” Visit the SOLO website to check out their sunnies or go to SOLO’s Kickstarter page to pledge your support and receive special discounts and prizes. Visionary stuff indeed.