Veja Goes Viral


If you’ve been fawning over the colourful Veja sneakers featured in our Issue 22 cover shoot with Lily Cole,  you’ll be pleased to learn that the French company have recently launched a competition giving followers a chance to win their own pair of kicks from the Taua range. A limited edition collection designed by Lily herself, the shoes each feature a beautiful design inspired by her travels to South America as a Sky Rainforest Rescue ambassador. Powered by SRR, the range’s new social media campaign is also helping to bring the vibrant Amazon to life through these informational illustrations by Sandra Dieckmann, each painting a picture of the unique ecosystem from river basin to canopy. It’s all part of their commitment to showcase and advocate for protection of the Amazon, which just happens to be where Veja source all the wild rubber for their footwear production, purchased at fair prices from artisan farmers. And with a further £10 from every pair of Taua sneakers going to support sustainable rubber-tapping in the region, you can be sure these shoes are leaving positive footprints in their wake. Check out @skyrainforestrescue on Instagram for more details on how you can win!