Trivia for Tigers

Q. What are you doing on July 12?
A. Attending Trivia for Tigers at Honey Bar, South Melbourne!

Well, that’s what we’d like you to be doing – you know, if you happen to be in Melbourne town and all! Trivia for Tigers* is the pub trivia you know and love – but with a fundraising twist. Not only will you get to show off your general knowledge, you will also help to raise money for TRAFFIC and the International Tiger Coalition (both organisations which work to stop trafficking in animal parts).
The night promises to be full of fun, with some fabulous prizes and items up for auction, including (drum roll) genuine tiger paw print art, thanks to Melbourne Zoo’s amazing Sumatran tigers, and a subscription to Peppermint, thanks to…well, us! Tickets are only $15 from here or check out the event on Facebook.

Of course if you’re not in Melbourne but want to do your bit, feel free to make a donation to the International Tiger Coalition, TRAFFIC or any other reputable wildlife organisation.

*Read this article to discover why this event is titled Trivia for Tigers – warning: extremely disturbing and upsetting.