Treasure Chest

If you’ve been meaning to get round to making something out of your bowerbird stash of broken jewellery and thrifted bits and bobs, The Treasury is the place to do it. Running out of Melbourne’s historic Nicholas Building, attendees are invited bring along broken or unloved jewellery and found objects and experienced jeweller Emma Grace will teach you the art of repair or re-creation into your own distinct pieces. No experience is necessary, and you’ll leave at the end of the day with a bundle of ‘new’ jewellery and some very handy skills. If you want to attend this Saturday’s workshop (2.30pm-4.30pm), simply leave a comment below for your chance to nab a free pass. For anyone else in the Melbourne area, Emma is also available to bring The Treasury to you via tailored workshops for Hen’s High Teas, schools and private classes. What a lovely way to spend an afternoon! {Comp close 4pm, Fri 23rd August}.