Time for Change

We all have the potential to create change within our communities – no matter how big or small – and the national Changemakers Festival (running from 17-26 October) aims to celebrate the social and technological innovations happening around the country, and encourages you to get involved! The 10-day festival brings people together for a range of talks, events and workshops, including a seminar on how to attract investment to a new social enterprise, a film festival raising awareness of human trafficking, a fundraiser for orphans in Cambodia and a Google hangout on using social media for change. We’re especially looking forward to Oxfam Australia’s FastBreak event at Sydney’s Powerhouse Museum this Sunday – the ‘3 things’-themed morning features talks from the creator of IndigenousX Luke Pearson; National Director of GetUp! Sam McLean; tech entrepreneur Rebekah Campbell; youth leader and engineer Yassmin Abdel-Magied; and Rosie Thomas, the co-founder of Australia’s youth-driven anti-bullying movement. Each speaker will get five minutes to inspire, entertain and educate, and there’ll be live music sessions, t-shirt printing and a tasty breakfast. See the full program of festival events for each state here, and start making plans to change your world!