Threads of Joy: Warmth and Wonder in our Bumper Winter Issue

The old saying goes that a change is as good as a holiday. Well, the simple fact that you’re reading this means that you packed your favourite dress (or track pants) and came along with us on this trip. And we couldn’t be happier for the company. 

You may have noticed that there have been a few changes – in cover price, and frequency. As a small team, we haven’t been immune to the increases in the cost of living and in doing business, and with some unexpected costs and production price rises late last year, a call had to be made. Many of our friends in the industry have not been able to weather these bumps in the road, and I want to make sure that Peppermint is around for as long as you’ll have us. Changing to biannual will help this plan, and look, it means you’ll just be even more delighted and excited when the new issues land! 

It also gives us more space to lean into our fabulous sewing community. The strands of Peppermint’s DNA are bonded together with buttons and thread. If you’ve been around long enough to remember, our original tagline was ‘Fresh Green Fashion’, and so fashion, either by brands that are working to bring change to the industry or those made by your own two hands, is at our cotton-loving core. I personally love the undeniable happiness that is woven through the maker community. It’s a tough old world out there at the moment, and anything that brings joy with a side of kindness and connection (and a new creative endeavour) is a good thing indeed.  

When everything starts to come together in the final stages of production, I’m always amazed by how there are several common themes that start to emerge. You’d think being 61 issues deep that this would not come as a surprise to me by now, but these wonders never cease. Sure, we direct some of these themes, but it’s how these threads emerge from seemingly unrelated stories that make it remarkable. Or not? One of the team mentioned “I think this issue was written just for me”, and I think that’s probably the point – the human experience is much more similar than we know (or care to admit). Creativity is often the glue that binds us together, and I so deeply felt the quote from textile artist Fleur Woods, who created our stunning cover – “It has brought so much meaning and purpose to my life as well as connection and wellbeing; I can’t imagine not wanting others to experience that too”.

I feel like this issue was written just for me, too – the stories couldn’t have more succinctly driven home the message of community, connection, new seasons of life and the joy of making and sewing. Everything I needed to hear right now. I can’t thank you enough for being here, sweet reader, and for being the glue that holds it all together. We are only on this trip because of YOU and our dearest community, and I sincerely hope that you are enjoying the tour because we have many more places to visit yet.

You may also have noticed we have some new tour guides on this journey, and I couldn’t be happier to have them help lead the way. Running your own business is a little akin to a treasured vintage dress – the beauty is not just in the style and the story, but also in the worn patches and the knowledge they hold. And by mending and amending, adding a bow and removing a sleeve, the beauty and potential continue to grow, helped by all the hands that touch it along the way, adding their own unique flourishes and flair.

So, pack this beloved dress in your suitcase along with your kind heart and brave mind and let’s get going – the world needs us.

– Kelley x

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Say hey to our fabulous new team members! From left: Editor Sam van Egmond, Deputy Editor Emma Mulholland, Community Manager Kel Yates and People and Culture / Sewing Coordinator Laura Jackson. Read more about these multi-talented peeps here.

Take a peek inside this issue!

The wait is over… our winter issue has finally arrived to brighten the greyest of days! Packed with warmth, wonder and hope-filled stories of creativity and community, it’s just the ray of sunshine you need.  

And of course, that also means our gorgeous new pattern has landed! The dreamy Tansey Top is our very first ‘Peppermint Pattern’, brought to life alongside renowned fashion educator, designer and consultant Thuy Nguyen of Fashion360. With her boxy fit and carefree flair, you’re going to love the simple-but-stylish details like the wide turned-up cuffs and that sweet dipped hem at the back. Receive the Tansey Top printed pattern FREE with Issue 61!

In the pages of this cosy companion, you can read about our cover artist, Fleur Woods, and her exquisite and textural ‘stitched paintings’, which she creates from her dreamy studio in the NZ countryside. Further textile goodness awaits as we peek inside the colourful world of fabric designer Ellie Whittaker, share a fun DIY thrift flip and chat with social enterprise Nest Community about using textile waste to forge connections and provide a safe, supportive space to create. 

We’re choosing self-expression over perfection with a feature on visible mending, speaking up about mental health with three wonderful advocates, and discovering ways to build better communities by exploring a range of innovative and inclusive projects from all over the world. And if you feel a little overwhelmed by modern hustle culture, author and clinical psychologist Dr Rebecca Ray has tips for   finding your rhythm in a world obsessed with productivity. 

The more we choose busy as our inherent way of being, the more we chase the false promise that there will come a time when we’ll finally feel ok, that our to-do list will be complete and we’ll be able to change gear and rest. Dear Peppermint reader, you and I both know that the only sure outcome here is self-betrayal. There is another way, though, and it doesn’t require you to walk out on yourself.


Our sewing coordinator Laura discovers the joys of giving compliments, while a round-up of plastic-free beauty products may have you garnering a few of your own. We go ‘behind the seams’ of the iconic Nancybird, talk accessible art with Studio A and share a delicious recipe from plant-based cook Cherie Hausler. You might even draw some ideas for your creative ventures from stories on environmentalist and entrepreneur Brianne West, scientist-turned-photographer Marnie Hawson and the talented Madeline King of Earth Darlings Ceramics.  

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