The True Cost of an iPhone

Before you go kicking your current smartphone to the kerb as soon as there’s so much as a whisper about a new Apple release, consider this: your iPhone has had quite a life before it landed in your pretty little hands, and it will continue to have one the moment it leaves them. To give you an idea of what we’re talking about, developer Jen Rhee and her team have come up with a clever interactive graphic that shows you exactly what goes into – and comes out of – our mobile other halves. When you consider that at just one single factory in China 90 iPhones are being produced every minute, it’s no surprise that the environmental and social costs of this modern must-have are a little scary…
Be a responsible consumer and help reduce society’s electronic waste by re-selling or passing your phone onto a friend, learning how to recycle phones properly or, perhaps most powerfully, asking yourself if you really need that upgrade straight away.