Peppermint magazine Issue 42

The ‘Hear Us Roar’ Issue – Out Now!

Welcome to our brand-new Issue 42!

This issue we’re delving into some of the big issues affecting women – equality, empowerment, body hair and menopause – with the aim of helping to connect us through our shared experiences.

Peppermint magazine Issue 42

Our coverstar Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore has been working to tell the stories of some of the amazing women in the Australian music industry with a groundbreaking film that truly celebrates women; equality campaigner Alex Andrews explores the history of body-hair removal and discovers the freedom that can come from letting it grow; we tackle the final female taboo with our story on menopause and the women working to shake the stigma associated with this natural stage of life; and we chat to the founder of The Real Catwalk – a body-positive runway show that aims to empower real people of all shapes, sizes, colours and abilities to strut their stuff in public as a way of rebelling against the toxic media images we’re bombarded with, as well as fostering authentic self-love.

Peppermint magazine Issue 42

Elsewhere we chat to three sewing aficionados about their favourite #memade creations and the inspiration behind crafting their own clothes; look at ways we can nourish our gut for optimal health with The Beauty Chef; explore the pitfalls of perfectionism (and offer tips for embracing ‘good enough’); admire the beautiful dreaming-story-inspired paintings from the women of Papunya Tjupi Arts Centre north-west of Alice Springs; and get zero-waste living inspiration from a family of five who, impressively, live an entirely waste- and recycling-free life in the suburbs of Hobart.

Peppermint magazine Issue 42

There’s also advice on how to find your thing and start making a difference; a roundup of our favourite cosy ethical winter coats for chilly days; an Australian native plant oil soap DIY; a free ‘everyday’ dress sewing pattern that’s bound to become your new wardrobe staple (trust us, it’s dreamy); and too many other wonderful things to mention. We hope it inspires you to raise your voice!