The Good Egg

Hunting down Fairtrade Certified Easter goodies can be quite a challenge, especially when many of the specialty products and Easter releases that graced supermarket shelves in 2014 are no longer available. This year, Fairtrade Australia have responded with a new campaign that eggs on the big retailers to double their selection of Fairtrade Certified offerings come Easter 2016. The good egg movement is fronted by Ghanian cocoa farmer Mary Appiah, who will also be speaking at a range of events around the country in the lead-up to Easter. Every online signature collected on Mary’s behalf before March 27 is a vote for fair cocoa prices and ethical trading, putting pressure on Coles and Woolworths to support small Australian brands who do the right thing.

While the wait for Fairtrade chocolate to crack the Easter market continues, in the meantime you can access an up-to-date directory of Easter retailers on the Fairtrade Australia website (a list to which Tribes & Nations can be added), as well as a full inventory of chocolate products made with fairly traded cocoa that are available to purchase in Australia year round.