Tassie Hearts Hens

We always knew Tassie was a good egg. The Tasmanian State Government has just made a ban on battery cage hens and will foot several million dollars in funding to encourage new cage-free environments. Greens Leader Nick McKim, who was instrumental to the decision, says: “There will be an immediate ban on any new battery farms or cages and a cap on the current hen stock introduced while the transition plan is finalised.” Basically, no more battery farms to be legally built and existing ones will either be assisted in making the free-range change or phased out! With around two million hens living in Australian cages, one in six is estimated to be suffering from broken bones due to its lack of space. Lyn White from Animals Australia is behind the ban 100% and is devoted to their continued campaign to get the rest of Australia to jump on board. Aussie songstress Missy Higgins has also lent her support – and if you want to do your bit too, you can help her realise her goal of getting this radio ad on the airwaves by learning more and donating here.