Recycled Glassware and Everlasting Blooms: Sustainable Celebration Settings

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and we’re sweating into our linen jumpsuits – oh yes, summer’s officially here. 

As we approach the holiday season, we realise the usual frivolity will be significantly subdued for many of us. But that doesn’t mean this year’s celebrations should suffer. Whether you’re having people over for a chic garden party, impressing with a 10 course home-cooked degustation menu, or just chucking a few snags on the barbie, there’s no better time to break out the good stuff and show off your fancy tableware. 

Our friends at Iittala know a thing or two about wowing guests with good glassware. Embracing the essence of Nordic living, Iittala designs its pieces with functionality and quality at the fore – creating collections that last from generation to generation. “We’re dedicated to the pursuit of better living,” designer Katja Karttunen says. “More than just a collection of beautiful objects, our design exists to increase your sense of wellbeing.” 

Out of their commitment to a sustainable future, the latest collection from Iittala uses recycled glass. “Iittala promotes change with three long term sustainability commitments: a carbon neutral business, circular products and services, and a positive impact,” says Katja.

“Iittala’s target is that by 2030, all waste from Iittala’s own operations is recycled or reused with no waste sent to landfills. This target has already been reached at the Iittala Glass Factory in Finland. All clear waste glass and reusable coloured waste glass is melted again as raw material for new 100 % recycled glass products. Waste glass that cannot be used in new items is used as insulation material by the construction industry.

“Iittala also invests in circularity. Since 2019, the award-winning Iittala vintage service buys and resells used Iittala items as well as enables people to recycle broken or worn-out glassware and ceramic tableware. At the moment, the service is active in Finland and Sweden with plans to expand to several other countries.”

To help elevate your next shindig, we’ve whipped up a few ideas for sustainable celebration settings to ensure that when it comes to entertaining, your only decision is shaken or stirred.  

Centrepiece Vase

A stunning hand blown vase (originally designed in 1936), made from recycled glass and filled with Australian natives makes for the ultimate centrepiece. “Although an Aalto vase looks pure and simple in form, making them is far from easy. A vast amount of human skills, knowledge of materials, colours and production methods is required to create an object of ideal quality,” says Katja. “Craftsmanship forms the basis: it takes seven craftspeople, 12 work stages and 1100 °C of heat to make an Aalto vase.” Instantly transforming your table, no one will know you’ve been working from there for the past… however long.  

Natural Jute Placemats 

We adore these jute placemats and coasters from ethical homewares brand The Dharma Door – the easiest way to add style and texture to your table setting while supporting fair trade artisans working in Bangladesh.  


DIY Place Cards

Add place cards to your table setting and automatically feel like more of an adult. Better yet, make them yourself for a cute and creative festive project. 

Recycled Glassware

We love a recycled glassware moment! The Iittala glass factory in Finland recycles and reuses all its waste – melting down clear and coloured glass glass for new 100% recycled products. The company is aiming for all its operations to do the same by 2030. Iittala also invests in circularity, buying and reselling used items as well as enabling people to recycle broken or worn-out glassware and ceramic tableware. 

Ceramic Plates

The gorgeous ceramic plates from Kim Wallace are a guaranteed conversation starter, with each piece cut, formed and glazed entirely by hand. All crafted from Australian porcelain clay, no two pieces are the same. Kim even makes pet bowls so your furry friend doesn’t miss out.   


Salt and Pepper Mills

These salt and pepper mills are destined to be the coolest pair at your party. Made from Acacia wood and finished with food-safe wax and mineral oil, they come from West Elm, a brand known for championing artisan communities, sustainable sourcing and fair trade. 

Serving Board

In our opinion, crafting the perfect charcuterie board should be an olympic sport. Up your game with the Little Black Duck Dhangaang serving boards – all hand-painted by Aboriginal artist Ashleigh Pengelly. 


Candle Holders

Head outdoors, scatter tea lights across your table in these recycled glass candle holders from Iittala and wait for the compliments about ambience to come rolling in. 

Ceramic flowers

Beautiful blooms that never wilt, wither or need water, to adorn your table all year round? We RSVP yes to that! These handcrafted, hand-painted, earthenware clay flowers from Brons Ceramics in Perth come in petite daisies, tiny poppies and Australian natives, bringing some everlasting floral fun to your dinner settings.     


Linen Tablecloth and Napkins 

Complete your table look with a linen tablecloth and napkins from 100% carbon neutral company Bed Threads. Linen really is the gift that keeps on giving, getting better with time and use.