Shine On

The lavish decadence of a chandelier paired with the soft elegance of wool – now there’s a match made in heaven. If I had a ladder tall enough, there’d be no stopping me from reaching up and having a feel of these glorious creations. They are of course lighting installations handmade by local textile artist Katelyn Aslett, each using hand-felted, organic wool. A sight to behold in the light of day, I can only imagine what these beauties look like lit up at night. For a chance to see Katelyn’s installations in the flesh, check out designEX on this May in Sydney or catch her wearable art on parade at Fashion Palette on April 27. Otherwise, next time you’re dancing the night away in a ballroom, keep an eye out over your head – you might just be basking in the warm glow of a Katelyn Aslett original.