Sewing School: Say Hello to the Peppermint Samford Set!

Get ready, because our latest pattern might just change your life… Meet the Peppermint Samford Set!

Made in collaboration with Sew to Grow’s sensational Lindsey Rae, the Peppermint Samford Set is the ultimate in day pyjamas – a loosely cropped, camp-collared shirt that brings the perfect amount of slouch, and a pair of wide-leg pants with front pockets, back pockets and an elasticated waistband with a cute drawstring. Day pyjamas are a game-changer – clothes that are as comfortable as sleepy-time jammies but classy enough to wear outside. Roll out of bed and head straight to brunch wearing your set and people will look at you and think, “Damn, their outfit is so coordinated, I bet they have their whole life together.”

Many thanks to our sewing partner Spoonflower for helping to make our patterns possible! The world’s largest marketplace of independent designs from global artists, Spoonflower is leading the way in custom, sustainable textile printing. Their on-demand process significantly reduces materials, energy and water, and uses non-toxic inks and fabrics that are ethically sourced. Pop over to for inspiration for your next me-made project.

We used Spoonflower’s Organic Cotton Sateen for our cool, colour-blocked creation, printed with Willow Lane Textiles’ terrific trellises in lemon and light coral.

This pattern is free with a copy of Issue 57 (both print and digital copies), and the digital downloadable version is available on our website under our new ‘pay-what-you-like’ initiative. We’ve been giving away our patterns for free for many years now, and wish that we could continue to do so. But producing these patterns (including paying patternmakers as well as the ongoing promotional, creative and logistical costs) is costly and as a small business with rising expenses, we now need to charge a small amount to help support our work.