Start Your Sewing Machines! The Latest Issue of Sew&Tell is Available Now

We like to think creating each issue of Sew&Tell is similar to setting up our own dream sewing room. There’s a lot of time spent curating our favourite bits and pieces and arranging them just so, making sure the space is useful and beautiful. 

Then comes the best part – we throw open the doors and invite our favourite sewing pals in to take a look around! If you’ll allow us to continue the metaphor a little longer, please step through the virtual doors and stay awhile…

The first thing you’ll notice is, like all the best creative spots, our stitchy hang-out is packed to the rafters with interesting things wherever you look – across 200 pages to be exact! Open the over-flowing drawers and you’ll find pages we’ve taken straight out of Peppermint – the stories we wanted to remember and share with you – plus a bookshelf full of new ones we’re so excited to send into the world.  

Keep looking around and you never know what you might find. Maybe a DIY you’re keen to try? Believe it or not, there are 18 spread throughout the digital pages! Here a snack pack, there an apron pocket hack. There’s a sweet dress made from a tee and a fabric crown that’s fit for a queen. The three divas of Queensland’s DIY scene have all contributed cute projects – try your hand at a door lump from DIY Daisy, a frilly tote from Alice Nightingale or a cereal box upcycle from Rachel Burke – and then breathe new life into your lounge room with a cushion and lampshade upcycle from Ministry of Handmade! Set the table in style with a foraged flower chandelier, or make it snappy with four quicksticks projects made in collaboration with our friends at Spoonflower.

And – wait for it – you’ll also be able to grab THREE FREE PDF PATTERNS: Nerida Hansen’s Young Street Shirt, the Trapeze Dress from Juluwarlu Art Group and the Isabel Sleep Set from Pitt Trading. These amazing downloads are only available for a limited time, so get your copy quick smart!


As well as makes galore, we hope you’ll also find inspiration and connection thanks to words from sewing superstars like Katie Weychardt, Francisco Diaz and Nisan Aktürk, #MeMadeMay founder Zoe Edwards, designer Sue-Ching Lascelles and our Issue 3 cover star Carly Bettinson. Take a look through our virtual stash of fabric and find something for every season and delight in the stories of fashion on Country with the Juluwarlu Art Group. You may even stumble upon an important historical sewing fact thanks to our ever-curious Sewing Detective, who turns her hand to cases including why biscuit tins are always full of sewing supplies, and how the humble tomato became the pincushion of choice worldwide. 

And, never one to forget that sewing goes beyond the garment, our communal sewing room is also a safe space; one where we can talk about bigger issues that reflect the sewing community and the world in which we all stitch. Listen and learn with sewing influencer Romy-Krystal Cutler’s deeply personal essay on being a BIPOC sewist in a field dominated by white creatives, and join the Sew We Can sewing bee and discover the impact of sewing and ‘tiny work’ for people living with a disability. 

Perhaps most of all, just like a sewing room, each issue of Sew&Tell is designed to keep everything in one place – carefully collected from all parts of our Peppermint sewing world – ready whenever you are. 

So, our tour has ended and we have to admit, while it’s been fun to create the sewing room of our dreams… we really did it all for you. It’s yours now, so please get comfy and make it your own. We’ll let ourselves out, but we can’t wait to see what you do with Sew&Tell Issue 3!