Seasonal Harvest Sessions

Stanthorpe’s annual Apple and Grape Harvest Festival is celebrating the new addition of a Seasonal Harvest program, including tours, dinners and appreciation sessions in 2014. Seasonal Harvest is all about embracing the spirit of the season and connecting consumers with the Granite Belt growers who provide so much of our fresh produce, wine and artisan food products. Between March 6th and 10th, you can take part in one of five programs offered by Seasonal Harvest. Each will see you accompanied by a local tour guide and visiting a range of farmers and producers for a first-hand look at how the industry has changed over the years. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn more about local produce and get a few tips for growing at home. You might not know it, but much of the Australian fruit and veg sold across the country comes from the Granite Belt region – apart from being the sole producer of apples, it’s also the only spot in Queensland that provides staple crops all through summer (due to its moderate climate), including tomatoes, lettuce and cabbage. The Granite Belt is home to over two-thirds of Queensland’s stone fruit growers and is also where much of our pear, olive, mushroom and berry crops are grown. With all this right in our backyards, Seasonal Harvest is a perfect opportunity to meet the faces behind the food and complete your Peppermint Assignmint for this Autumn!