SBN Youth Awards

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Nasha Lamoti is just 18 years old, but the incredible teenager is already hard at work to ensure food security for the people in her village in Longido, Tanzania. Last year she won the SBN (School Broadcasting Network Inc) International Indigenous Award, which meant she could buy chickens and seeds to help feed her family and the rest of the village. It might not seem like much, but for Nasha’s community it’s a ticket to a brighter future. Now the hunt is on again for young people who are fighting to make a difference. The SBN International and Indigenous Youth Awards are for young people under 25 who might be campaigning for social justice; setting up initiatives to inspire others; creating sustainable communities; or helping to further understanding of indigenous culture in their country. If you know someone who’s making a positive difference, whether it’s in their neighbourhood or on a global scale, then it’s worth nominating them for the award – there are monetary benefits as well as international recognition for their work. Jump over here for more info.