Saviours of the Lost Arts

Attention Brisbanites! Have you ever wanted to give silver smithing a shot? Felt like trying felting? What about woodturning or chutney-making? Or maybe you just want to splurge on some handmade goodies created by other crafters? If this all sounds like your cup of tea (which you can either drink, or use to dye material!), then check out the program of events in Brisbane City Council’s Saviours of the Lost Arts program. Running until Saturday June 11th, the event is a chance to try free craft classes or showcase and sell handmade wares. Of course, if you choose to drink that cup of tea, you can always enjoy it with like-minded people – networking and learning how to successfully turn craft into a micro-business is also on the program’s agenda. Detailed information about each workshop is available online here. Enjoy!