Retrash Reinvention

Calling all creatives: artists and designers around Australia and the world are being invited to submit original work for Reart, an innovative exhibition that will celebrate the launch of the inspiring sustainability book Retrash (which features the work of 82 artists and designers from 20 countries) and the 45th anniversary of Earth Day on 22 April, the same day the exhibition will launch. Reart aims to showcase the endless creative possibilities of upcycling and recycling, so any works submitted for consideration must be made from at least 70% second-hand or waste material; the exhibition is being curated by Retrash author Nathan Devine and supported by Etsy. If you think you’ve got what it takes to reinvent, reimagine and recycle, get the lowdown on the Reart website and enter here by 23 March 2015. It’s time to summon those salvaging skills!