Rangers Day Dinner

While we’re all for wildlife being protected, it’s easy to forget that in some countries it’s not just a simple matter of putting up a fence and telling people to stay out of animals’ habitats. In many countries including Zimbabwe, Cambodia and Colombia, park rangers often pay with their lives for looking after their animal charges. Families of park rangers who have been killed or injured in the line of duty often struggle to make ends meet in countries with minimal or zero social welfare systems – but the Thin Green Line offers them a helping hand. The organisation’s annual World Ranger Day dinner this Friday, July 27 will raise funds to support rangers’ families – and with Tex Perkins headlining, with support from Nick Barker and Triple R’s DJ Max Crawdaddy, the roof’s set for a raising too. The event is supported by Lentil as Anything and Koonara Vineyards, and there will be a raffle with prizes including a guitar signed by multiple rock legends and the chance to win a backstage concert experience with Gotye. For more information, or to buy dinner and show tickets ($95) head here.