Quick Fix


For an adage that’s as old as the stars, ‘make do and mend’ is as relevant today as it was a century ago – thanks in no small part to design innovators like Humade. With products to help you rebel against throw-away culture, this Dutch design house not only believes that what’s broken can always be fixed, they see DIY repairs as the perfect opportunity to get creative and personalise your possessions. For chipped or cracked crockery and ceramics, try their New Kintsugi Repair Kit, inspired by the ancient Japanese art of patching broken pottery with gold. Or if it’s something soft that’s seeking a fresh start, their brand new Create Me Textile set is perfect for fixing garments or cushion covers. It includes a fun collection of 100-plus fabric shapes in your choice of matte gold or silver, which can be ironed onto any material to mend holes, conceal stains or just add a little extra personality. Both Humade kits are both available online now through Droog, who ship internationally. Good as new!