Plant for the Planet

As well as having one of the coolest ad campaigns around (check out more of these amazing cut-leaf illustrations online) the message Plant for the Planet are spreading is pretty darn inspiring as well. Their Billion Tree Campaign has so far seen more than 12.5 billion trees planted in 193 countries. When their goal of nurturing 1,000 billion trees new trees by 2020 is met (yup, we didn’t know you could count that high either!), it will mean an extra 10 billion tonnes of CO2 absorption every year. And get this – their Children’s Initiative is managed by a board of 14 kids (with a little help from the grown ups, we’re sure). But it’s not just little hands making a difference here – adults too can pledge a tree or become a member of this global network. We could all take a leaf out of Plant for the Planet’s book!