Step Out in Style with These Inspirational Peppermint Rozelle Slip Dresses

We’re still reeling from the glory of the Peppermint Rozelle Slip, our slinky sewing pattern collaboration with Stitched for Good’s Annie Robinson.

This beauty balances sweetness, sophistication and even a hint of sexiness, and playing around with pattern, print and length can reinvent her look from date-night diva to preppy picnic perfection

To revel in the ravishing possibilities of the Rozelle Slip and to give you a healthy dose of sewspo to start your own, we asked five fantastic sewing influencers to create their own versions in a Spoonflower fabric of their choosing – from @AvrilLaRouge’s ditsy daisy number, @TheRealMrsKelley’s sunny florals and @ChrisInSeams’ earth-toned excellence to @ThatsSewMonica‘s juicy jungle landscape and @Laura.Wolfgang’s show-stopping leopard print.

Read on to hear all their secret thoughts on the pattern and get inspired to create your own version!



Fabric Choice: Cotton Lawn in Large Retro Sunflower Tiles

Hello, fall. Is that you? 

When Peppermint hit me up and asked if I wanted to make the Rozelle Slip with this beautiful Spoonflower fabric that is so deliciously autumnal, I said ‘Duh!’ This project has gotten me so hyped to get into fall/winter sewing projects so I’m gonna pretend it’s not 80°F outside and get right to it. If you need me, I’ll be in my sewing room, bye!


Fabric Choice: Poly Crepe de Chine in Jungle Vision Fabric 

When I was asked to try this pattern I was very intrigued. I haven’t sewn a slip dress and the style was one I never tried. Challenge accepted!

The Rozelle Slip is a bias-cut dress that provides a nice drape. I chose a Poly Crepe de Chine with this gorgeous print from Spoonflower. The fabric feels so soft and the print is beautiful. Cutting it on the bias gives a drape and nice stretch.

I enjoyed making the pattern and loved the gathers around the bust and the bias cut. I cut my size based on the sizing chart. The pattern calls for an invisible zipper, however, once I added it, it didn’t lay as flat as I like and I had a bit of gaping in the back. I modified it by making the darts wider and needed to size down a bit. I think due to the bias cut, the pattern is very easy to wear with no zipper. I took it out and took it in about an inch and shortened the back a bit. (I have a short torso and needed to make that adjustment.)

SCORE: 9.5



Fabric Choice: Organic Cotton Sateen in Large Scale Leopard Parade Valentine Pink and Citron Fabric 

When Peppermint reached out and asked if I’d be open to making the Peppermint Rozelle Slip in a Spoonflower fabric of my choosing, I kindly let them know that the pattern isn’t one that I’d ordinarily gravitate towards for myself, but it’s actually quite close to something I’ve had on my mind and asked if they’d be cool with me adjusting it to fit my preferences. I was super pleased when they encouraged me to make whatever modifications I desired. I’m no pattern designer, but I love a good hack.

I’d been imagining a 90s-inspired slip dress with a deep V-neck that continued into angled bust seams. The Rozelle Slip offers a bit more coverage and a curved and gathered bust, but the adjustments needed for what I had in mind (and for my rather modest bust) were fairly straightforward. I deepened and widened the V, continued those lines to the bust seams, and added bust darts in place of the gathering. I also matched the V on the back and extended the back of the bodice to match the seams at the front. I had to do some finagling and make a couple of quick toiles to make sure that everything lined up properly, but I’m really happy with the end result.

I’m normally not drawn to prints, but I knew I’d found what I was looking for when I spotted this large-scale tiger print on Spoonflower. It wasn’t possible to pattern-match all the seams (especially because I’d underestimated the yardage for this), but I managed to Frankenstein some tigers and it’s definitely good enough for me! I selected Spoonflower’s cotton sateen because I wanted something in a natural fibre that was a bit smoother and had a decent drape.

For my next version, I think I’ll deepen the back V even more, lengthen it by a few inches so it hits mid-calf, and add a back slit. At the back, I may remove the seam between the bodice and skirt, cut the fabric as continuous lengths and split at the centre back for the zipper to make something a bit more causal with less shaping.


Fabric Choice: Cottton Spandex Jersey in Pastel Daisies – Blue Fabric 

“A bias-cut pattern in jersey? It’s impossible…” FALSE!

When Peppermint contacted me to sew their Rozelle Slip (bias-cut pattern) in partnership with Spoonflower for the fabric, I told them that my condition would be that it would be in jersey!

So here is their pattern sewn two sizes below my usual size in printed cotton jersey!

The pattern’s instructions are in English. They’re tailored more for an intermediate or beginner level who can manage very well on their own because the instructions are not necessarily clear at each step.

In terms of cut, if you have no or little chest, forget it… this is designed for a larger chest. The cut is great but more suitable for a generous chest. For example, even having sewn two sizes smaller than usual, with an 85D, I did not fill the dress and the result leaves me a little perplexed. In photos, it’s cool I admit it!

For the fabric, it’s a fairly fine cotton jersey with a design I chose on Spoonflower and printed by them.


Fabric Choice:  Cotton Lawn in Amorphous Earth Abstract Landscape

The Rozelle Slip isn’t a dress silhouette that I’d normally gravitate to as I’m used to more voluminous dresses. I was hesitant about the form-fitting nature of this pattern but, thankfully, I was able to grade my bust size to my hip size which meant a slightly looser fitting dress I actually find very flattering on my body. Spoonflower has so many options when picking a print but I opted for a print that reminded me of a sunset and had fun with pattern placement. This dress pattern paired with my chosen fabric created the 60s cocktail dress of my dreams!

Pop over to for more inspiration, then download the pattern and make sure you tag #PeppermintPatterns (and #PeppermintRozelleSlip) in your creations!