Sew a Rainbow with Peppermint’s Me-Made May Makes

It’s the most wonderful time of year – Me-Made May! A time when the internet comes together to celebrate the heights of handmade fashion and consider the work that goes into creating a wardrobe’s worth of wears. In the past, we’ve celebrated by interviewing Me-Made May founder Zoe Edwards and setting challenges for you all, but this year we are diving in ourselves! 

With the help of our fabulous friends at Spoonflower, each member of the Peppermint team chose their favourite fabric to make a riotous rainbow of Peppermint Samford Sets. The world’s largest marketplace of independent designs from global artists, Spoonflower has more than one million designs to choose from! So to help us navigate their trove of artistic treasures we assigned ourselves a colour from the trusty ROYGBIV spectrum to build our look from. We’re over the rainbow about the results! Read on to find out the hows, whys and wherefores of everyone’s phenomenal picks.




Fabric Choice: Pink Gingham in Cotton Lawn

I chose pink because it’s one of my favourite colours! A quick Google search tells me that pink is sweet and playful, and represents compassion, nurture and love (perhaps I’m just a small child wanting all of these things or to be all of them for my children). I also love gingham fabric – it’s versatile, classic and timeless. My big, beautiful buttons are probably not the most ideal choice if I want to sleep in this comfy-as outfit, but great to highlight that it could (and should!) be worn during the day. I chose Spoonflower Cotton Lawn as I adore lightweight, flowy, soft fabrics.



Fabric Choice: Jumbo Shaky Leaf Tendril Blue Fabric in Organic Cotton Sateen 

I have a theory: everyone’s favourite colour is blue. Forget your idiosyncratic tendencies and hear me out… Colours are far from neutral. We humans, as seekers of meaning, layer sense and sensibility onto everything. So, of course, our favourite colours will reflect those with positive connotations. A day spent outdoors in the sunshine with family and friends? Blue sky. Diving into a crystal-clear body of water? The big blue. Pulling on a well-loved pair of pants that fit like no other? Blue jeans, baby! Add an abstract botanical motif – I, like Sir David Attenborough, just love a good leaf – and you’re talking my language! Besides… I’m blue da ba dee da ba di.



Fabric Choice: Athena In Pickle Fabric in Organic Cotton Sateen 

When it comes to wearing colour, I want to go big. Bold. Bright. When I walk down the street, I want 13-year-old girls to whisper to each other, “Did you see that lady’s outfit? Do you think she might be a high school art teacher?” Yes, the eccentric aesthetic is the one for me, and that means I often turn to green. Able to look both completely natural (see: trees, hedges, leaves) and also completely unnatural (see: The Hulk), green is full of surprises and never fails to catch the eye. The graphic swirls of this print in the delightfully spicy ‘Pickle’ ticks all my boxes.



Fabric Choice: Cher’s Plaid Fabric in Petal Signature Cotton 

When I chose yellow, I was so excited by all the print possibilities on offer. I love so many things that are yellow – bees, daffodils, dandelions, sunflowers, the sun! I was ready to face some serious choice anxiety and then on the first page I saw Cher’s Plaid and knew I had to have my Clueless moment. It’s an iconic moment in film fashion history and I love how my outfit pays tribute to Cher while not being an exact replica. In Spoonflower’s Petal Signature Cotton, my Samford Set is endlessly easy to wear and I plan on busting it out whenever I want a boost of Queen Bee energy!



Fabric Choice: 3″ Woven Buffalo Check – Black on Rust in Petal Signature Cotton

Black is a colour of the rainbow, right? Right?! Ok, so I may be leaning heavily on the ‘rust’ part of the print to fit the brief, but I really wanted something that fit with my usual ‘Morticia Adams goes to the desert’ colour palette so this Buffalo Check pattern was right up my alley. I also went out on a limb (my legs in this case), and went with a three-quarter length on the pants for a wide-legged culotte look, perfect for sneakers, or socks and slides (this is where Morticia gets left behind in the dust).



Fabric Choice: Almond Blossoms Mural ~ Van Gogh ~ Marilyn Fabric in Organic Cotton Sateen

Almond Blossoms is my favourite Van Gogh artwork so I was thrilled to see it in many glorious impressions and colours on the Spoonflower website. Red was my colour for this project, so my decision was easy. Vincent loved painting flowers and I love the influence of Japanese woodwork. The combination is unique, against any colour backdrop.

Pop over to for more inspiration, then download the pattern and make sure you tag #PeppermintPatterns (and #PeppermintSamfordSet) in your creations!