No Plastic, Fantastic


As we count down the final days of Plastic Free July, it’s time for anyone who accepted this year’s challenge to reflect on the triumphs and dilemmas of a life without the often-hard-to-avoid conveniences of shopping bags, cling wrap and disposable packaging. If you didn’t take the pledge, remember there’s always a great wealth of information and tools available online to help you live plastic free year-round. For those of you who call the coastal community of Fremantle home, you might find these tips particularly handy because a life without plastic bags is now a sure thing. Last week, this local WA government became the first in Australia to outlaw single-use plastic bags, introducing a $150 fine for any shop owner who ignores the ban. It’s a step towards a state-wide elimination of lightweight plastics (similar to bans already in place in Tasmania, South Australia, the NT and ACT) and considering WA’s biodiversity, a top effort to help restore the state’s waterways and ecosystems back to plastic-free health.