A Few of Our Fave Sewists Tell Us Their New Year’s Re-Sew-Lutions!

Have you set yourself any sewing goals for 2022? Perhaps this is the year you conquer knits, expand into pattern drafting or just tackle your fabric stash. Theoretically you can take stock and set intentions for yourself at any time of year but it’s far more fun to do it with a little bit of ceremony and some good company. 

So we asked some of our fave sewing friends what their sewing plans are for the Year of the Tiger. Welcome to Peppermint’s New Year’s Re-Sew-lutions! 


From @_DIYDaisy 

My new year’s re-sew-lution is to define my personal style in order to be a more sustainable and thoughtful maker. I’m going to define it right down to the colours, fabrics and silhouettes based on my fashion inspiration, aesthetic and lifestyle. That’s going to mean, for example, deciding on the colours that suit me and only making clothes or wearing clothes in those colours. It will also mean not buying fabric just because it’s on sale, exclusive or trending. I’m going to buy fabric because I have a project in mind. My stash is big enough. I’m going to destash my sewing supplies, purge my wardrobe and hopefully in doing so feel lighter and calmer in my relationship with making and getting dressed.


From @ChubbyStruggles

My re-sew-lutions for 2022 are:

– Create four new wardrobe staple pieces,

– Sew my first blazer,

– Organise my fabric stash.


From @HalfSoyBean

I am seriously terrified of sewing with knits. I guess you could say I have knit-phobia! I hope I can overcome this fear by getting myself the correct sewing feet and needles, and, of course, lots of practice. In other news, I’m making my own wedding dress this year (so very daunting). Please send thoughts and prayers my way – I’ll need it!


From @SueChingLascelles

With my lifestyle switch from working mum to stay-at-home mum in 2022, my wardrobe is moving away from weekend and work wear to practical loungewear (read: elastic waisted pants!). My current focus is on matching sets that can be mixed and matched. I also have a wonderful collection of vintage patterns including some special designer ones. I’d love to make a few of these special pieces for my wardrobe. I’ll also be experimenting with shapes and fabrics, levelling up my technical abilities and hopefully a few ambitious projects like designing my own patterns and custom fabrics. Hoping 2022 will bring many new sewing connections and adventures!


From @The.Sewcialite

My new year’s re-sew-lution is to do more mending and less impulse sewing. I’d also like to learn more about patternmaking this year!


From @SewLike

This year is all about balance. Previously I’ve made all the pretty things my mind could think of but it’s finally caught up with me and I realised I had some real holes to fill in my wardrobe. I’m going to work on using my fabric stash only to make more of what I need and not what I want. More pants (I’ve avoided them for too long), more basic layering pieces like t-shirts and turtlenecks and more form fitting dresses (I like to stick to similar silhouettes but it’s time for a change). While doing this I hope to not get distracted and push myself to learn more pattern drafting and work on keeping my sewing space organised. I’m excited for the shift and can’t wait to have a more well rounded wardrobe!


From @TheEssentialsClub

My main 2022 re-sew-lution is to be more resourceful and use up all my existing fabric stash before allowing myself to get anything new! There’s no point clogging up my home by adding more stuff to this overflowing collection. Plus, it’s time to bring all these beauties to life in garment form like they deserve. Then when it comes to actual projects, my aim is to enjoy the creative process – pushing myself to make practical essentials with unique finishes so my wardrobe is full of pieces I love! 


From @Holly_Dennett

Some of my New Year’s Re-sew-lutions are…

– To use up my stash fabric as my drawer is overflowing!

– To continue making dresses for summer as I loved wearing all my me-made dresses last summer and I feel I need more,

– To continue learning and developing my pattern-cutting skills as I love to draft my own patterns!