A Few New Year’s Re-Sew-Lutions from Some of our Favourite Sewists!

Congratulations everyone, we made it through 2022! However, as Smash Mouth so adroitly said, “The years start coming and they don’t stop coming,” and we now find ourselves staring down the barrel of 2023. 

We are not so hubristic as to attempt to claim “This will be our year!” but that doesn’t mean we can’t attempt a bit of beginning-of-the-year positivity. We asked some of our favourite sewing friends to share their resolutions about sewing for the coming year – here are their New Year’s Re-sew-lutions!

Happy Year of the Water Rabbit Peppermint pals, may your stitches be straight and your seams hold fast!    


From @Geri_In_Stitches

My New Year’s re-sew-lutions are to make more of my own sewing patterns and to dive deeper into tailoring techniques. In addition, I would love to try my hand at converting under-used, pre-loved pieces I find to well-loved garments to be worn more frequently. Of course, there’s always the goal to buy less fabric and dip into my fabric stash, or get creative with the scrap pile as I continue to improve my sewing skills. Happy 2023, and happy sewing!


From @Leila.Makes

My New Year’s re-sew-lutions are to keep pushing for an inclusive sewing community on Instagram but also IRL. I also want to try teaching others how to sew and “give back” to this community in a new way!


From @Full.Fat.Milk

I was actually thinking about this the other day! I really want to develop my skills when it comes to sewing with knit fabrics. I have sewn myself a pretty solid wardrobe for work and for going out, but knit basics like well-fitted t-shirts and activewear are the next frontier I want to tackle. 

Unfortunately, I find that it is still a challenge to come by these particular kinds of garments from ethical brands in my size, so I sometimes just have to purchase these from wherever I can get them. Learning to make my own t-shirts and leggings will hopefully help me to eliminate the need to buy these things from fast-fashion brands.


From @FrocksAndFrouFrou

My New Year’s re-sew-lution is to be more mindful and deliberate about what I’m sewing. I’m determined to start revisiting the patterns that I already have in my library, rather than always succumbing to the urge to make something brand new. I think that I could be more adventurous about hacking different patterns together to create my own designs (I’m not quite up to drafting just yet) and I want to experiment with making a few pieces I’ve been dreaming about but have never found quite the right pattern for. I’m determined to improve my practice as well, which means I need to embrace toileing and at least make an effort to start learning how to do some basic fit adjustments. And lastly, I want to be a bit more innovative with the textiles I’m using – maybe try to do some quilting, or include embroidered motifs, learn how to make my own block-printing or make something with some cyanotype-dyed fabric. I stumbled across Christi Johnson’s astonishing remnant patchwork earlier this year and was blown away. I’d love to experiment with something like that, and I’ve been stockpiling linen scraps for just such a project.


From @KatieMakesADress

I’m not much of a resolution maker. And I know the right answer is probably to buy no new fabric and lead a more sustainable sewing life. But for me, sewing is a bit of a mindfulness exercise as well as something fun to wear. So with that said, my New Year’s re-sew-lution is to teach more people to sew. The more we make ourselves, the more we value the time and effort, and the less likely we are to shop fast fashion and chuck it out after a couple of wears. As a bonus, we can mend pieces when they need it – whether that be a button or a hem.


From @VanessaHansenStudio  – the Peppermint Albion Blouse patternmaker

My New Year’s re-sew-lution is to sew colourful clothes that make me happy, without worrying too much about how they might or might not fit into my current wardrobe. With so much going on around us today, I want my closet and my sewing projects to be a space in my life that gives me happiness and joy. 


From @CamiMadePatternsthe Peppermint West End Jacket patternmaker

This year for me it’s all about being more responsible with my fabric choices, sourcing it carefully (trying to use my current stash as much as possible for instance) and dyeing it myself. I am planning on growing a small dye garden for that purpose. Overall, I would like to slow down in my sewing practice, involve more hand sewing and focus on what makes me proud.


From @ForgetMeNotPatternsthe Peppermint Rosalie Skirt patternmaker

My New Year’s re-sew-lution is to sew with more colour. I’ve been letting my shyness get the best of me and reaching for comforting, dark, desaturated fabrics. There’s nothing wrong with those colours, but I think it’s time I pushed myself back towards cheery and inviting colours. And I know there are a few of them waiting in my fabric stash just waiting to feel loved again. So I think this counts as two different re-sew-lutions – sew with more colour, and appreciate and use the more joyful fabrics in my stash!


From @Mx.Domestic 
What are my New Year’s re-Sew-Lutions?  Life has had me away from my sewing machine for far too long, and I’m officially dubbing 2023 the year I get my sew-jo back! I miss the artistry of quilts and am itching to begin working on a rainbow gradient mini quilt that is an absolute masterpiece in my brain. Having recently come out as non-binary, I’m not finding a lot of “fashion” out there that fits my fantasy. So, I’m going to start designing and sewing them myself. Elevated harem pants, tunics cut just right for my body, long cardigans – the sky is the limit!


From @The.Social.Fabric
I’m not big on setting myself New Year’s resolutions or goals, but I love deciding on a yearly theme that guides my decisions for the coming year. For 2023, my theme is “action”, so my main aim will be to get a move on and finally do the things I’ve been wanting to do. For my sewing practice, this means prioritising the projects I’ve been postponing and techniques I’ve been scared to learn, such as picking up some traditional tailoring techniques and making myself a tailored suit. This also extends to smaller-scale projects like finally working on my pile of garments that require mending or alterations or using up fabric that I’ve been too scared to cut into. In short – I just want to actually do stuff this year! 2022 was a very busy year that didn’t leave me much time or energy to sew, so I’m super ready to change that in 2023.