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Mobile Muster
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Remember the days when mobile phones were called “bricks” and the battery would last for weeks? You probably still have a few lying around. In fact, statistics show Australians have a habit of hanging onto old gadgets, with around 23 million unused mobile phones currently stored in Australian homes and more than 5.7 million of them regularly moving house with their owners! That equates to roughly 48 tonnes of copper and 65 tonnes of plastic that could be recycled. There are plenty of easy ways to safely and sustainably dispose of your old phones, such as sending them to MobileMuster, a not-for-profit mobile recycling company. Don’t wait until your next move to do it, though. Today (June 5) is World Environment Day and what better excuse to clean out those cupboards. Take your old phones into one of 4,000 MobileMuster drop-off points around Australia, including Optus, Telstra, Virgin Mobile and Vodafone stores, or pick up a free recycling satchel from Australia Post and send it via snail-mail. Visit the Mobile Muster website to find your nearest drop-off point.