More Than Words No. 1

“Let us try to replace impatience and intolerance with understanding, compassion and love.” These inspirational words by renowned conservationist Jane Goodall were shared with us in Issue 10 of Peppermint and are now reborn in the first installment of our More Than Words charity art series. Vibrantly brought to life by Melbourne-based typographer and illustrator Letitia Green, this special poster is available for a limited time only through our Etsy store, with $5 from every sale going to The Jane Goodall Institute to support its work protecting primates and their habitats. To celebrate the launch of More Than Words, we caught up with Letitia to learn more about how she developed her design style, her biggest challenges, and what she loves most about her job.

Letitia Green, photo by Sayher Heffernan LetitiaGreenwork
(L-R) Letitia’s work for Peppermint Magazine, Carman’s muesli and Amelia’s Anthology of Illustration. {Photo by Sayher Heffernan}.

How did you get involved in typography and design?

I travelled and lived abroad for eight years after finishing high school in Perth, and worked an array of interesting jobs. It was when I moved to Melbourne in my mid-twenties that my design career commenced. After working in fashion graphic design I discovered my true passion was in hand typography; it was a more creative outlet for me. The Sunday Times Magazine was my first client and gave me regular illustration projects. With that came the freedom to create in my own style, which allowed me the opportunity to experiment with different handcrafted lettering styles.

What do you love most about your job?

I love the huge array of projects, the clients I have the opportunity to work with, and the flexibility I have on a day-to-day basis. No one day is ever the same!

What has been your biggest professional challenge?

Honestly, to believe in myself… To make that step in the beginning, to get my first design job, and then deal with the challenges as they rolled in.

Is there a particular typographer you admire? 

There are many inspirational typographers that I look up to, but baby brain has impacted my ability to remember them all. One that impressed me immensely when I saw him speak years ago was Spanish typographer Alex Trochut. His dedication to perfection is incredible. I don’t have the ability to work to such structure or precision when it comes to my own typography, but I really admire the talents of those who do.

How does the message behind the text you’re illustrating influence your design decisions?

So much of my typography work is focused on positive affirmations, and this has stemmed from needing my own outlet to create messages that inspire and uplift me in my every day.

To view more of Letitia’s incredible work, visit her website here. For your chance to win one a one of three giveaway posters, visit us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram!