Miss Humanity 2013

Ashleigh Wheeldon dress

Pitting women against each other to judge them for their bikini bodies and ability to bat their lashes is something we certainly don’t agree with. But pitting women against each other to judge who is best at raising awareness for humanitarian causes? Well, that just puts a whole new spin on things. Miss Humanity 2013 brings together 25 contestants from all around the world (including Aussie contendor Ashleigh Wheeldon), each advocating social change and fighting for their charities of choice as they battle it out for the crown on July 14th. The aim of the pageant is to raise funds and awareness for causes such as child labour, HIV/AIDs, domestic violence and human trafficking, all while creating inspiring role models and showing young women that beauty is much more than just about looks. Find out more about this year’s contestants and their causes here.