Mindful in May

3eZ4siy6WvaR0PjS5lvK0HaDCYCZCHFQFpFW6SiQNxgMindful in MayMeditation can grant us precious moments to pause and think about the important things in life – like the fact that millions of people around the world have inadequate access to clean drinking water. Mindful in May have so far raised over $100,000 for global water charities, and looking to top their target this year, are once again on the lookout for meditation gurus and beginners alike to get involved in their 2014 campaign. Your commitment to clearing your mind each day this May will be in the name of raising funds for Charity Water, who help build water wells for communities in the developing world. For those who sign up, local events, a gratitude blog and a team of Mindful Agents will be there to keep you motivated throughout the month – and once the campaign kicks off, you’ll receive weekly audio meditation tracks and daily guidance from the Mindful team. Registrations are now open – form your own fundraising team and get ready to pause for a cause!