Makeup Free You

Makeup Free Me

A hint of blusher here, a splash of bright red lipstick there: makeup is a much-loved part of many of our beauty cabinets, and can be a fun tool for self expression or creating a bold new look. But it’s also sometimes used as a way to present a ‘perfect’ front to the world, or as a mask to hide our real selves – and features – behind. The annual Makeup Free Me event wants to help combat negative self-image in women and girls, and aims to foster and nurture positive responses to our real faces (and bodies) by encouraging women around Australia to go makeup free for a day. Melbournites can join together to embrace their natural beauty at the Masquerade Girls’ Night held at River’s Edge, and participants across the rest of the country can register to get their entire school or workplace involved, as well as being part of the social media campaign on the day. All money raised goes to The Butterfly Foundation, which works to support people affected by eating disorders and negative body image. And Australian skincare brand Kosmea is also getting on board, by donating 5% of sales from their Certified Organic Rose Hip Oil throughout the month of August. Face your fears and register today to show your support for natural beauty!