Love Summer


You don’t need a weather warning to know that summer is well and truly on its way! For the lucky 80% of us who live near the coastline, that means more trips to the beach. Unfortunately, this is also the time of year when beach pollution starts stacking up – much of which comes from visitors leaving rubbish in their wake. Many of us usher in the summer by sipping on something sweet – striving to be part of the solution, Certified Organic fizzy drinks brand Phoenix Organics have launched a new campaign, The Love Project, to help cleanup our coastline. A limited-edition range of illustrated bottles are helping raise awareness for the project, which has seen Phoenix partner with NZ-based Sustainable Coastlines and Australia’s Tangaroa Blue Foundation. Phoenix are supporting both charities with a $40,000 donation to fund beach cleanups and help improve antipodean marine biodiversity. Friends of Phoenix and cola-drinkers are being invited to vote for their favourite beach via their Facebook page to help allocate the funds – head to the polls to have your say. In the meantime, remember to cool off responsibly this summer and recycle your Phoenix bottles!