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Jean Genies

Those clever clogs at Nudie jeans have devised an injeanious way to recycle old denim: as part of their innovative Denim Maniacs project, they’ve managed to recycle 90% of every pair of old jeans they had to hand (2700 in total) and used them to create these stylish limited edition Rag Rugs and In-and-Out Camper Seats, available for sale online now! The rugs, which come in two sizes, are made from shredded leg pieces, and each camper seat has been hand-braided using the in and out seam of nine pairs of jeans, one belt and one leather patch. And even though Nudie didn’t find a use for the back pockets, rivets, buttons and waistbands of those 2700 jeans, they’re intent on incorporating these parts into a future recycling project. Nice one, Nudie!