It’s Your Shout

As little as $5 can make a big difference to someone else’s life. The price of a coffee or a beer – that’s enough if everyone pitches in. So what if instead of shouting our mates a drink next time we’re at the pub, we put that money towards Foodbank or the National Breast Cancer Foundation? Shout is a new iPhone app that encourages users to ‘shout’ a donation to a charity of their choice, in the same way they would a drink for a friend. It’s free to download, then once you’ve got it you can make donations of anywhere between $5 and $150 in just a few clicks. There are a host of non-profit organisations covered, including Lighthouse Foundation and Kids Under Cover. It’s low-cost for them, and easy for you. New organisations can be added at any time – like if there’s a disaster or urgent need. When you Shout a donation, you’ll receive a Cheers back, which you can share with your friends on Facebook and Twitter to help spread the word. Download the app from the iTunes App store or Google Play, or visit the Shout For Good website to find out more.