It Takes Tsuno

Kester Black
We buy it regularly, often without a second thought. But what if by changing our brand of sanitary protection we could make a big difference in the world? That’s the vision behind Tsuno, a range of sustainably-produced bamboo pads and liners from Melbourne-based designer and social entrepreneur, Roz Campbell. Tsuno products look, function and cost much the same as any other brand – but unlike others, 50% of all profits are invested into projects that empower women in developing countries, from health initiatives to education. Since millions of women go without access to adequate protection during their periods (often resorting to old rags, leaves, feathers and other unhygienic and uncomfortable methods instead), it’s fitting that by simply buying your own monthly supplies you can help improve someone’s life. This wonderful initiative is currently running as a campaign on Pozible, and Roz needs your help to make it a reality! Sample packs, subscription packs, business supporter packs and more are available to pre-order now, and as an extra bonus the first 400 subscription pledges will receive a bottle of cruelty-free Kester Black nail polish (valued at $17). What’s more, each box is beautifully designed by an emerging artist (see the talented Erin Lightfoot‘s geometric patterns above), so you feel like you’re opening a present – symbolising the gift your purchase gives to others. Order yours and help change the world – one sanitary pad at a time!