Issue 23 Feature: Green House

Earthship IronbankEarthship Ironbank

There’s a little housing project in the Adelaide Hills that’s paving the way for sustainable self-builds of the future. Since we first visited Earthship Ironbank for our Issue 23 Green House feature, it’s been all hands on deck to get Australia’s first sanctioned Earthship completed by the new year. Throughout the process, owner/builder Marty has relied on the local community to pitch-in, sharing everything he knows about DIY accommodation along the way. Now, with only the final touches left to go, Marty is putting the call out for the final workshops at Ironbank.

January workshops will be as hands-on as ever, with participants helping to render the structure with lime and earth plasters, finish the earth and polished concrete floors, and pound the last tyres for a tyre tank. As well as refining your skills with eco-friendly building methods, Marty will offer lectures that draw on his wealth of experience studying and designing Earthships. You can even opt to camp-out at Ironbank, a 30 minute drive south east of Adelaide, and enjoy meals in the communal kitchen as part of your experience. If you’ve ever dreamt of landing your own earthship in Australia one day then Marty’s intensives are an invaluable resource. Plus, it’s a great excuse to get your hands dirty this summer and make your mark on this revolutionary housing project. Register your interest for the January workshops online and keep an eye on the Ironbank website for more details about renting the finished Earthship for your next holiday!