Issue 22 Cover Story: Lily Cole

Lily Cole – Impossible Office

Once the darling of couture fashion houses, supermodel-turned-social entrepreneur Lily Cole is now the face of (and the brains behind) a different kind of enterprise altogether. She wants us to give more freely to each other in the future – resulting in stronger communities, less emphasis on economic growth and more reliance on the kindness of others through the ‘gift economy’. We met with her in Sydney to find out about her new social giving network Impossible, her eco knitwear label The North Circular and how she lives her message of sharing and sustainability.

Lily says of Impossible: “I think the way we construct ideas of what’s possible is very culturally limited and relative, whereas what’s actually possible is so much bigger than what we might imagine. It’s obviously very optimistic – arguably it could have been called Utopia – and it’s obviously totally possible, it just comes down to whether we choose to operate that way as human beings or not. It’s largely a choice.”

Read the full story in our latest edition Winter Issue 22 (and here’s a sneak peek of a few behind the scenes images…)

Lily and Bec

Lily Cole

Bec, Lily and Kelley

Images from top: Lily wearing The North Circular on the cover of Issue 22; In the Impossible office, London (both shot by Rachel Manns); Lily during our interview on the top floor of the Museum of Contemporary Art, Sydney; Rebecca and Kelley with Lily.