Got the Runs?

Sustainable Table has the runs. And no, it wasn’t a veggie curry gone bad. The organisation is hosting a program of charity marathon events this year in an effort to raise money for their Kenyan Compost Toilet project. Why? Well, heartbreakingly, lack of sanitation is still the single largest cause of illness in the world, claiming the lives of some 4,900 children every day. Compost toilets can do wonders in turning this statistic around – and at the same time, also turn human waste into nutrient-rich organic fertiliser so communities can grow their own food naturally. It’s a win-win. To get involved, sign up to participate in either the Great Ocean Road Run (May 19-20) or Run Melbourne (July 15), or sponsor someone doing the legwork for you. Distances are flexible to accommodate all fitness levels and Sustainable Table ethical hampers are on offer if you need incentive to get your friends involved too. So, in the words Sustainable Table themselves, sign up, shoes on, and let’s all look forward to getting the runs together.