Gone, But Not Forgotten

Can you whittle a spoon, mend a shoe or string a banjo? Chances are that in the little Victorian town of Kyneton, there’s at least one person who has mastered each of these time-honoured skills.

An ode to craftsmanship, patience and practice, the town’s annual Lost Trades Fair is a chance for visitors to celebrate the tools, traditions and trade secrets tied-up with Kyneton’s thriving manual crafts industry. Dozens of the region’s most talented artisans will once again come together this weekend to demonstrate 85 gone-but-not-forgotten trades, from blacksmithing to coopering, making it a great opportunity to meet the makers, hear their stories and learn a thing or two yourself.

At this year’s Fair you’ll even find some of the hand-makers, trash transformers and treasure seekers featured in our newly released Autumn Issue 25, including locals Junked, Rundell and Rundell, and more. Hosted on March 7 and 8 at Kyneton Racecourse (around one hour’s drive from Melbourne’s CBD), you can purchase tickets online now to avoid queues at the gate.