Go Halfsies

As a child, I fondly remember being taught to finish my peas and carrots. “While you just want to skip to the chocolate pudding,” my parents told me, “there are children in Africa who don’t get to eat all day.” But now, if we want to use the powers of eating for good, it seems the aim of the game is not to finish our plates. In fact, it’s not to start with a full plate at all. Halfsies, launching soon in Texas and New York City, partners with local restaurants to offer a very different dining experience. A special selection of menu items will undergo the Halfsies treatment – the customer still pays full price, but only receive a half portion of the original meal. 90% of the money saved on superfluous food production (did you know that around half of the food produced in the US is thrown away?) will be donated to hunger-busting and nutrition-improving initiatives globally, including feeding orphans at the Baby Watoto home for abandoned children in Uganda. Who knew half as much food could be twice as satisfying?