Give a Fork About Our Fish


More than other types of meat, fish is a tricky business when it comes to trying to decipher if what you’re eating is any good – for yourself, and the environment. Can fish really be “free range”, and organic? What does that even mean when it comes to seafood? Some fish like tuna, shark and swordfish have been depleted to just 10% of what they were in the 1950s due to unsustainable fishing practices, and people don’t tend to think as much about where their seafood is coming from before munching on a roll of sushi or hoeing into fish and chips.

Sustainable Table understand all this, and that’s where their latest Give A Fork campaign comes in. They want passionate foodies to host dinner parties around the theme of ‘sustainable seafood’. The host gets a pack including a cookbook, DVD and Switch Your Fish guide; then invites their friends, cooks them a (sustainable) feast and gets them to donate what they would have spent on a night out. Vegetarians can get in on the fun too, by serving beans instead of bream. The campaign will run from October 7-14, with all proceeds going towards Sustainable Table’s work of building a fair and sustainable food system. Get all the information here and get cooking!