Garments for the Grave

As much as we love fashion, it’s sometimes a bit of a struggle trying to work out what to wear for that party or new date, never mind a big function like a wedding or funeral – particularly when it’s your own… It’s probably not something you need to think about just yet, but your final farewell is arguably one of the most important events in your life, so it’s worth some sartorial consideration. Enter Pia Interlandi, a Melbourne fashion designer who specialises in outfits that take the wearer from this life to the next. Interlandi’s Garments for the Grave are a natural progression from her work as a licensed funeral celebrant, just as the garments’ disintegration is part of the natural progression of time. The growing interest in the natural burial movement, where the body is interred in the earth in a manner that allows it to recycle naturally, led Interandi to develop garments that would also biodegrade. The PhD candidate works with her client to personalise their burial garment, using dye and embellishments to add images or text if desired. Even if you’re not ready to depart this mortal coil just yet, it never hurts to be prepared. As part of a film for the ABC, Interlandi is seeking an individual to collaborate with on a garment for their own burial, with filming taking place in June. So if you’re interested in dressing for the ultimate departure, contact