Garage Sale Trail

We want to go to Marnie Skilling’s Garage Sale. If you live in Sydney, you can. The rest of us will just have to make do with the hundreds – potentially thousands – of other garage sales happening around the country as part of the second national Garage Sale Trail on May 5th. With just over three weeks until the event, there’s still plenty of time to register your details and join.

But if you’re worried you don’t have enough to offload on your own, don’t despair – the Garage Sale Trail welcomes everybody including neighbourhood teams, local businesses, cultural institutions, charities, schools, community groups and more. Whether you’re holding your own sale or not, make sure to find the time to sneak off for an hour or two and check out the many other sales happening in your area (accessible by a nifty smartphone app the Garage Sale Trail has developed especially for the day). By buying and selling secondhand you are supporting recycling, helping forge positive community connections and, most importantly, keeping a whole load of still-perfectly-usable stuff out of landfill. So mark May 5th in your diaries, friends: a day to clear out the clutter, find a few new treasures and prepare for your upcoming winter hibernation in style.