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Snuggles and Smiles - Madeit with Love

In late January, Madeit seller Tammy Boorer was fatally injured in a Sunshine Coast car accident that tragically claimed the life of both her and her unborn child. Tammy’s husband Nathan is sadly still in a critical condition. In response to the tragedy, the Madeit community from all corners of the country have rallied together to hold a fundraiser for the family – including Tammy’s two children, aged 3 and 9, who survived the crash with only minor injuries. Taking place from 8pm tonight on the Madeit website, sellers will be offering up an array of handmade clothing, craft, artwork and accessories for public sale with all proceeds donated to the Church Fund for the Boorer Family. If you’d like to be involved, sign up to the site and search ‘madeit with love’ from 8pm AEST this evening to find eligible items. In the meantime, you can browse some of the donations from generous sellers here.